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It’s All About the Little Things

In light of the little things, in light of transparency, and in light of the fact that I hope maybe this might help someone (anyone), here’s my list of little things I’ve been trying to do just to feel a little bit better, to love myself a bit better, and to feel a little bit prouder of just how far I’ve come.

Let’s Talk, For Real

From running to the ER from my apartment one morning where I couldn’t stop crying to the nurses on duty; to waking up at 2 am in the Dominican where I crawled into my parents’ hotel room so I could feel some comfort as I curled up against my mother; to crying many nights to whichever of my Facebook friends or cousins was online in the dead of night, I have faced my fair share of paralyzing fear. Some nights I wake up thinking I can’t breathe. And most nights I can’t help but ask: why now and why me?