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A storyteller at heart, with more than 10+ years in content writing and 5+ years in marketing, I love to help people, brands, and organizations craft their digital narratives.

My skills include: content creation and strategy, writing (in various styles and mediums, across multiple industries), email marketing, social media and community management, videography and photography, and graphic design.


From articles to short stories, from reviews to Q&As, view my published pieces across various industries and publications.

Email Marketing & Design

From infographics to weekly emails, view a range of my content from geo-demographics to publishing to fashion.

Social Media

From both in-house to agency side, I have helped build social media strategies from the ground up, while also using my skillset to create the content, stay up on engagement, and provide an in-depth look at analytics.


View samples of videos I filmed and/or edited across various industries and organizations.

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