Tacos and Ice Cream in Ottawa

I spent 11 years of my childhood growing up in Ottawa. It’s probably why my heart always swells like the Grinch’s every time I get onto the 416.

Regardless of how much time has passed (I come maybe once every year or every two years), there’s just something undeniably nostalgic about all the streets, buildings, and faces.

So, when you hear an impending ice storm is about to hit Toronto (why, Mother Nature, why…) and you just have a bunch of free time on your hands, you suddenly find yourself packing a bag and setting off one Friday morning.

And while most of my short weekend visits rarely, if ever, include tourist attractions like Parliament Hill and Sparks St., it is nothing short of satisfying seeing old friends over Mexican food and dessert.

While my last visit (that I regrettably did not blog about, and it was Canada Day during the 150th too… whoops) entailed a midnight tater poutine run and escargots in Gatineau, this time around involved less experimentation with my two true loves: tacos and ice cream!

Taqueria La Bonita

In the mood for some fun latin music, whimsical papers and sombreros lining the wall, and authentic Mexican eats? Make a pit stop here just east of the downtown core.

The drink menu is shown on tarot-esque cards tied to a bottle, with some fun illustrations and colourful cocktail options.


How can you go to a Mexican spot and not get tequila? I had mine in a margarita!

As for tacos, I grabbed three: two Piccadillos (ground beef) (some tacos you need to buy two of as stated on the menu) and one Tinga de pollo (chicken).

The great thing about this restaurant is they give you two tortillas per taco. The meat was pretty saucy so it was great to have a back-up when the first tortilla broke!

Verdict? I’d stick with the chicken!


Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen 

Although the Toronto weather eventually caught up to me, the freezing rain and cold did not deter me and my girl from getting ice cream. And because Isabella is nothing short of a vegan, she suggested a cute vegan ice cream joint on Bank Street: Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen.


The past month, Moo Shu also offered a quick lunch fix, so because it was the last day for their lunch menu option we ordered the Pork Dumplings (for me) and the Tofu (for her).


Was it my favourite? No.

But aesthetically this place is on point.


I’d highly recommend going there for the ice cream. They offer vegan flavours along with a London Fog option, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This a kids size (one scoop) in their waffle cone.

There was also a “Long Weekend Trash” which involved potato chips, mini eggs, and coffee, which was definitely my second option.

Sadly, this time around there were no shawarmas. (Read: Shawarmas are the best in Ottawa. Don’t @ me.)

But, if not this time, then next.

A.k.a. I’ll just have to be back pretty soon.

(But maybe when it’s not icy so I don’t almost fall fifty times and break my back!)

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