I Now Understand the Miami Obsession…

I’m a Pisces. This automatically explains my emotional personality and sensitivity to others’ feelings, but when your zodiac symbol is two fish and your element is water, it also explains why I love anything beach related. Like a lot.

So it’s no surprise that in the middle of June, when I was really feeling the effects of 9-to-5 routines, my friend Vivian and I hopped onto a flight to Miami at 6 am on a Friday for a quick weekend getaway.

For a last minute plan, we got a pretty good deal with American Airlines. For about $700 per person, we got a round-trip ticket, plus a two night stay at the gorgeous Catalina Hotel & Beach Club.

Situated on a convenient part of South Beach, this a cute boutique style hotel offered us a free shuttle to and from the airport, a luggage storage for pre- and post-checkout (’cause we came early and stayed in the city past checkout), plus two relaxing pool options, and an unlimited free drinks happy hour from 7 to 8 pm (yes, we drank a lot of gin and tonics our first night there)!

(Read: in case you didn’t realize, yes, I highly recommend this hotel.)

One of Catalina’s shared pools.


While we feared it would rain all weekend (because the weather reports leading up to the trip predicted rain, rain, rain, and more rain), we had one of the sunniest and best weekends in Florida (and tans that left us red as a lobster with painful shoulders as we ran through the airport to catch our flight… a whole other story in and of itself).

My view for a Friday was pretty gold.

It was a weekend that lived up to the city’s namesake. The beach itself is just such a long stretch of sand, surf, and sun.

From palm trees to beach umbrellas, from intense humidity to fruit drinks, from the Art Deco buildings to the fusion of culture and food, Miami Beach was really the definition of summer in a nutshell.

Feel like shopping? Hit up Lincoln Road! It’s the cutest strip of shops and boutiques!


IMG_7220 2

And where to spend your evenings?

Swing by any of the restaurants that line Ocean Drive, where you’ll find half-off prices on mixed drinks the size of your faces and high energy. And by high energy, we mean being spontaneously pulled onto the dance floor by French tourists and a lovely Spanish couple while having dinner at Il Giardano.



Eating was probably one of our favourite pastimes that weekend. We enjoyed the A/C profusely (and our meals) at the Purple Penguin Cafe.
Visited Fung Ku which is one of the Catalina’s restaurants because we get sushi wherever we go. True story.

“I love Miami” is probably the biggest understatement of the year.

Blame my love for Jane the Virgin (don’t judge me), or my recent obsession with Spanish music, but there’s something so relaxing and rejuvenating about the ever popular Spring Break destination.

Sure, my university years of partying have definitely passed (hangovers are not fun), but will I be back?

Despite the fact I will sound like 80 per cent of the female population on Instagram: most definitely!

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