Day 3/10: Rain, Rain, Go Away


We skipped Kaiteriteri. It rained while we were in Westport. Most of the day was spent riding in a car through scenic New Zealand mountain ranges and fields.

I saw yet another New Zealand fur seal colony. We got really up close and personal with some pups!

We stopped at a gorgeous lake – one that yes, contained eels. Five of them. Big, long ones.

(Read: I might’ve screamed…)

And, I know, my vacation isn’t as exciting as I thought it would be.

And that’s OK. Because I’ve come to realize – as cliche as it is – it’s never been about the places.

And yes, a huge group of us are grouchy and grumpy and not OK with how the rain has ruined half of our plans.

But, we’re all grouchy and grumpy and suffering together.

And really, that’s not that bad.


For the past four hours I’ve done nothing but talk to new people. And we talked. And drank. And played cards.

And it’s no jet boat or horse back ride or mountain bike, but it’s still fun.

VHS tapes were stacked in the corner and Bridget Jones played on TV. Chardonnay wine and beer cans littered the table. People were cooking and laughing and talking and playing cards and struggling to get connected to the Wi-Fi here.

But doing it together has and is always better than alone.

Which is what I thought I would be at the start of this trip.

Thank God I doubt myself too much.



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