A Type 2, ENFP, Pisces with a Bachelor of Journalism, a minor in English, from Ryerson U.

You can call me Jemicah (pronunciation: je-MY-kuh) or you can call me Colleen.

I write here and I also run www.whatislove.co

Fun facts:

  • I only like writing with Muji pens (0.5 or less)
  • I used to write fiction stories on the Internet (five points if you find ’em!)
  • I am a sucker for movies and TV shows that make me cry (so please send ’em my way)
  • I sonder all the time
  • I wanderlust all the time too
  • I’ve been reading on my own since I was 3 and that has never changed – also YA novels will always have a soft spot in my heart
  • Every tattoo I’ve gotten has always related to a difficult time in my life

tl;dr: I’m a full-time lover of travel, sushi, tattoos and books.

Home page portrait and Contact page photo taken by Mark Tiu Photography.


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